CBD oil can seem scary from the outside. It can be challenging to decide which method of taking CBD oil would be best for you. Do not stress…. we have compiled an easy breakdown of all the different options, including explaining the somewhat confusing dosage rating and hence strength of products. You can then decide upon what CBD oil suits you and your needs.

How to identify the strength and understand mg ‘v’ %

When you see a percentage on a CBD product about its strength, the figure refers to how many milligrams of CBD are within the oil. For example, if the CBD product references 2.5%, it contains 250mg, whilst 5% oil equates to 500mg. As the percentage increases, so does the strength and concentration.

In a 10ml bottle you will expect to find approximately 200 drops. If the percentage is 2.5% (250mg in total) each drop will contain 1.25mg of CBD. This is calculated by dividing the total number of drops (200) by the total milligrams of CBD in the bottle (250).

To put this in context to your recommended daily amount, the FSA (Food Standards Agency) recently released guidelines citing their recommended daily allowance per healthy adult to be 70mg of CBD per day. However, it is important to stress that everyone is different, therefore dosages will be different too. If you are a beginner, start small and increase or decrease your daily amount of CBD as necessary. Start low and figure out what is best for you.

As a precaution, the FSA do not recommend CBD for people in vulnerable groups, unless under medical direction. This also includes pregnant or breastfeeding women and those taking medication.

To help you calculate the amount (mg) of CBD being consumed per droplet, you can use the following as a guide. The guide is based on a 10ml tincture.


2.5% CBD Oil: 1.25mg CBD per drop
5% CBD Oil: 2.5mg CBD per drop
10% CBD Oil: 5mg CBD per drop
20% CBD Oil: 10mg CBD per drop


1. CBD oil Tinctures and Sprays

Tinctures are currently the most popular form of CBD administration. They are easy to use and as a result are popular with CBD newbies. Due to a CBD tincture being a concentrated oil, they are designed to take in small doses. Most tinctures will have a built-in dropper that will allow users to take small in measured quantities.

Once you have decided the dosage you are happy with, shake the tincture well. The CBD oil (dispersed from the built-in dropper) should be placed underneath your tongue. You should then leave the oil underneath your tongue for it to dissolve. We recommend you leave it there as long as possible, a minimum of a couple of minutes, allowing as much of the oil as possible to dissolve slowly. Do not worry if you cannot hold it all under your tongue, swallowing any residue is also absolutely fine and the oil will still find its way into your system.

By ingesting the oil under your tongue, it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Many see quicker results than you would by ingesting the CBD via edibles, gummies or capsules as your body does not have to wait while your digestive system processes the alternative forms.

One of the great advantages of CBD oil tinctures is the variety of strengths and flavours to choose from. We always recommend starting with a low strength and % and building up your tolerance over time. If you are not a fan of the natural nutty earth taste of CBD then there is also a wide range of flavours, from the common lemon, cherry, and melon to the more obscure liquorice and even strawberries and cream. There is flavour out there for anyone whatever your taste.

2. CBD Capsules

Capsules often come in either a pill or soft gel form and are easy to swallow, so no fiddling with tincture droppers. However, they are not as fast acting as tincture ingestion. The CBD in the pill or gel will be released slowly throughout the body. If you are after quick acting pain relief, capsules may not be the best route for you. They are however a mess free, easy on the go, option for ingesting your daily CBD intake.

CBD capsules are also a subtle and a very discreet way of taking CBD. We are on a mission to eradiate the stigma that many still see CBD associated with, but it may be a long journey and we understand many people’s need for a discreet way of taking your CBD dose. CBD capsules fit this job description perfectly.

3. CBD Topicals, Cosmetics and Skincare products

“Topicals”, and for those not in the industry and therefore to translate the jargon, are basically creams applied directly to the skin. The Topical umbrella includes moisturisers and beauty products, but also covers products specifically designed to localise pain and reduce inflammation

CBD Topicals can be great for those who feel uncomfortable or who just do not want to digest CBD. Instead they simply want to use it to heal and soothe a specific ailment. For example, if you have a knee or back injury pain, using a CBD cream that directly targets the area can be really effective regarding not only pain management but also muscle recuperation.

Popular Topicals on the market that target pain and reduce inflammation include cooling and heat gels and creams, muscle rubs, lip balms and hand creams. CBD has become increasing used in the sport performance and recovery world due, many sportsman and women use CBD in order to reduce inflammations, swellings and to deal with injuries that may have been inflicted.

The team here at CBD guide are all keen on our sports and have compiled a list of our favourites. The muscle rubs in particular have been particularly effective when it comes to muscle recovery.

Due to the antioxidant and healing properties that CBD has been found to provide, it has also become an extremely popular ingredient within the cosmetic world as well. More and more evidence is being found that CBD helps treat dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. As a result, the ingredient is increasingly being used in anti-aging, moisturising, and acne cosmetic treatments in the form of face creams, body lotions and serums.

4. Vape CBD Oil

Vaping is a controversial one, but that does not mean it should be ignored. The positive aspect is that it is thought to be the fastest acting way to consume CBD into the body. By inhaling CBD, it is thought to be the most bio- available form, allowing our body to make the most use of the CBD, compared to alternative methods.

Additional benefits include a range of flavours, if you are not a fan of the natural CBD ‘earth’ taste this may also be a positive for you.

However, we are keen to stress that the long-term health effects because of vaping are still not known. Whilst it may be a better alternative to smoking there are still potential risks involved regarding some of the ingredients used in e-liquids. Some CBD manufacturers avoid using risky and potentially harmful ingredients like propylene glycol, but these products can be a rare find. Always check the pack for a list of ingredients and try and stay clear of polypropylene.

5. CBD oil Gummies

CBD Gummies are hugely popular and currently dominating the market. Not only are they again an easy and convenient way of consuming your daily dose of CBD, they also come in lots of different flavours so if you are looking to mask the natural earthy hemp flavour then gummies could be the route for you.

Other positives to CBD gummies are that they are long lasting and easy on the lungs in comparison with CBD Vapes. They are a perfect option for ‘on the go’ CBD consumption.

However, the downside of gummies is that as they do take a while to work, they have a low absorption rate and as a result can take up to a few hours to work.

6. Drinks and Edibles

There are now an abundance of CBD drinks and edibles to buy online and in stores across the UK. The range has multiplied over the past few years and you will now find snacks from CBD nuts, CBD biscuits and marshmallows to food staples such as pasta and CBD infused olive oil. The list could go on….

Drinks can also be just as fun. In the alcohol department you will find products from CBD infused Gin to CBD beers, ciders, and wines. One thing to be slightly wary of when you mix alcohol and wine though is that some studies have shown that the effects of CBD oil may be heightened when mixed with alcohol…just something to keep in mind.

If you are after something a little softer you will be spoilt for choice. From smoothies, Teas, Kombuchas, Coffees to fruit infused sparkling and flat drinks, they are all now available in the UK.

Cannabidiol edibles and drinks are again another perfect route for looking to avoid digesting the CBD oil straight or mask its natural taste. Similarly, to gummies and capsules, the body’s digestive system takes longer to process the CBD oil than if it was digested directly into the bloodstream via a tincture for example. This should not put you off though as there are some really interesting and innovative products out there to experiment with.


Whichever form of CBD you choose to be the best for you, the most important thing to remember is to check the credibility of the brand. All UK CBD products must legally consist of less than 0.2% THC, there is no wriggle room here. Always do your homework and look for brands that provide third party certification to ensure that this level is met. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products on the market that do not have this level of legislation or have any CBD in their products at all for that matter. CBD has so many incredible health benefits, but the most important element when choosing your CBD is to make sure they are a safe and trusted brand.


CBD is sold as a food supplement, and as a result, It’s illegal to claim it treats, prevents, or helps cure an illness or disease. No health claims have been made in this article.